Executive chef/Owner RachidKkourda former Restaurant “Royal A Local Eatery.”

This little gem has a great low-key lounge vibe. The attention to detail in creating the atmosphere shows: from the lighting and color schemes to the modern plates and silverware.

The food was absolutely delicious and expertly presented. I had the lamb, which was perfectly cooked, and my wife had the chicken parmesan pasta, which had a great sauce that wasn’t too heavy or creamy.

You gotta love small, new places like this because it is apparent how everything is meticulously executed. The owner and head chef even came out to greet us and ask how our food was! We will definitely be going there again.
— Javier M. Allston/Brighton, Boston,
Executive chef/Owner Rachid Kourda former Restaurant “Royal A Local Eatery.”

I have been here a few times, and have loved everything I have tried! They always have new things on the menu so I am never short on options.
My very first visit, not long after they opened, I tried the chicken flatbread which was perfectly crispy and had a beautiful tomato salad included. The flavor was great, as was the presentation.
I was impressed during this visit and promptly dragged my sister with me for brunch. We had the French toast and eggs benedict. The French toast came with candied cashews which I was a major fan of! The eggs benedict wasa great spin on the normal kind you can get anywhere because it came with both ham and salmon, which provided a great new dimension of flavor.
Most recently I have tried one of the lamb dishes. I am a huge fan of lamb, but it is easy for a lamb dish to be too gamey and overpower the seasonings. This lamb was perfect!
The wonderful food is complimented by great service by both waitresses and the host, as well as personal attention by the chef. The decor is both cozy and upscale, with beautiful colors and comfortable seating.
I would 100% recommend this place to ask my friends and family!!!
— Kara H. Watertown, MA
Executive chef/Owner Rachid Kourda former Restaurant “Royal A Local Eatery.”

This is just what Watertown needed. A close friend of mine lives within walking distance and has been chatting me up about this new place for a while. Last night we went and it was one of the best dinners I have had in a long time. I started with the Arugula salad which was so fresh and the balance of balsamic with Parmesan cheese was perfect. The baguette was still hot and the pesto dipping sauce was perfect. For my main entree I got the grilled chicken which was cooked perfectly. The veggies are from Russo’s and they always have great selections.

The owner comes out to greet you and ask how everything is. He is friendly, warm and genuine. I find this to be a wonderful personal touch. Its not everyday you find a place where people actually care about your experience and value your comments and opinion. our server, Melanie was very friendly and very attentive. She checked on us many times through our meal. We even got dessert. Fried Oreo cookies with a dab of ice cream and whipped cream my friend got pumpkin cheesecake and the taste I had was wonderful. I can’t wait to try breakfast, lunch and brunch at Royal. They are working on a liquor licences and have plenty of non alcoholic beverages and “Mocktails” which are a great creative alternative. I am not a huge drinker but I know a lot of people want a great wine to pair with the fish and lamb dishes they have.

I CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK. Thank you so much for a great night and experience!

Update - Went back Saturday, April 4th. Again, had wonderful service from Melanie and another excellent meal. Our friend was Vegan and Rachid (the owner) came out and talked with him and made him a very generous portion.
I really like that he comes out to talk to everyone and check on his patrons. I can’t wait to try the lunch menu!!!

Honestly where do you find a place like this?

**ROYAL RESTAURANT WATERTOWN!!! GO and thank me later!!!!**
— Vanessa T. Cambridge, MA

Executive chef/Owner Rachid Kourda former Restaurant “Royal A Local Eatery.”

Wow, wow, wow! If there were more stars available, I’d happily give them! The outside of this place, (off the beaten path, a little shabby) may throw off less worthy foodies, but how wrong they would be!

Decor inside is rich and eclectic. Lush wall colors, mood lighting, rustic seating and a killer playlist that allows you to enjoy your conversation, or take a lull and loose yourself in the melody makes for an incredible ambiance...but of course, at any restaurant worth it’s salt, the real star is the food.

Get the 4 course meal for $29/person-if it’s still available, and the chef hasnt figured out we’re literally stealing from him based on quantity and quality.

I went with the arugula salad w/ Gorgonzola, red onion, light vinaigrette (extremely fresh and Gorgonzola was wonderful)

I chose the fried artichoke hearts for an app. Wonderful! I was also able to try the bang bang cauliflower (spectacular-1st choice) and the “fish and chips” (delightfully light and lime-y). These we’re full portions too!

We were expecting by entrees we’d receive a portion more commensurate with the price. Instead, monster portions that were just piles of goodness. I got the lamb special (cooked exactly to my specifications). My parents had the chicken thighs (tender and amazing) and the pork loin (it was...duh..fantastic).

Then! Oh my god-then! Outta this world red velvet cake and fried Oreos.

Add to this that the waitstaff (shoutout to Valerie!) was wonderful. Food came out at a perfect, luxurious pace. The chef came out several times to check on us. I mean, as an NYC foodie, I’ve got decent standards. This place was exceptional...but WAITT

all of this for $90! For three people! 12 courses in total!

Seriously-go, go go. A million stars! A truly royal experience.
— Emily M. Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, NY

Executive chef/General Manager Rachid Kourda former Restaurant Brasserie ZAPP & Red Lion inn “


We had our son’s wedding there on April 18. The food was fantastic and the barn was a great place for a wedding. Of the 4 weddings we had for our kids, this was the best overall. The rehearsal dinner the night before was outstanding and our wedding person Beverly was like a member of the family. We all could of not felt more comfortable and relaxed....she was always available with recommendations, ideas and changes from us. The wedding staff was so attention to detail, courteous and friendly. The two bars and dining rooms are also great......Thanks...Tom Pandolfi
— Tom Pandolfi Marlborough

Executive chef/General Manager Rachid Kourda former Restaurant Brsserie ZAPP & Red Lion inn

Incredible wedding venue

We had the great pleasure of attending a wedding on 31 December 2013....an extraordinary venue, fairy lights, magical...cant praise it high enough..the food was out of this world...we loved the salad course and the mains....the wine was superb...the attention to detail was fantastic...really great..the whole party of 240 people went really really well....

If i was getting married I wouldnt hesitate to do it here !
— Scarke Dublin, Ireland

Executive chef/General Manager Rachid Kourda former Restaurant Brasserie ZAPP & Red Lion inn

We Love it!

The restaurant & tavern is so much fun! A fireplace warmed the room while we dined on an absolutely delicious meal, with friendly, attentive waitstaff and the chef who took the time to stop at our table and ask us if we enjoyed the food. Again it was apparent that every detail is attended to, as we watched the empty tables being inspected by management, making sure candles were lit and tableware was displayed perfectly.

The food was so delicious, and reasonably priced, the drinks were wonderful and the unique room lit up in the evening with fun lighting and a great sound system. Everyone was attentive and friendly, first class! My only wish was that the disco ball was spinning!

As we told the lovely hostess when we checked out of our room, we will be back!
— PMandMM Massachusetts

Executive chef/General Manager Rachid Kourda former Restaurant Brasserie ZAPP & Red Lion inn
Dream Wedding !!!

The gusts all had an amazing time and said the venue, food and all our little details made it one of the best, if not the best, weddings they had ever been to!
— abananna Scituate, Massachusetts